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Tax Planning

Tax Planning is the process of arranging your affairs in a manner that legally reduces your present, future, or past tax liability. 

Tax Planning for Individuals & Families, High Wage Earners

• Tax Loss Harvesting
• Exercising Stock Options
• Restricted Stock Options
• Tax Rate Optimization
• Donating Appreciated Assets
• Charitable Giving Strategies
• Capital Gain Tax Planning

Basic Tax Planning for Business Owners

• Shifting income to lower earning family members
• Implementing self-rental to minimize tax
• Electing the correct entity type for your tax planning needs
• Implementing employer/employee medical programs
• Optimizing Home office expense deductions
• Optimizing Vehicle expense deductions
• Implementing employer/employee fringe benefit plans
• Implementing Qualified & Non-Qualified retirement plans

"You must pay taxes, but there's no law that says, you gotta leave a tip" - Morgan Stanley 

Business tax planning services are offered by our Business Advisory & Compliance Services division of JK Edwards & Company.

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